Before You Begin

This computer has been provisioned for you by the SSPX USA District Office.

We have pre-installed for you certain software for your usage and convenience. Please click on the topic for further details.

A Few Links of Note and Importance.

If you need help, just contact Technical Assistance.

Quickbooks Enterprise 11

Quickbooks Enterprise is the the official accounting software for the SSPX US District. If your computer was provisioned by the District Office, then you should have a folder at C:\QBE11 Docs that contains some documentation. Note that most of this documentation was placed there for your convenient perusal, but you will (and should look for) newer versions on the SSPX Portal.

You should also find a folder called SSPX Documents at C:\SSPX Documents, which also contains a few things of interest with regards to policies. Again, you will find newer versions of these documents in the "Official Documents" folder on the Chapels Page.

If you are new to Quickbooks, you should check out the following section for a video tutorial.

Mastering Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 11

Installed on your computer is a series of instructional videos for Quickbooks. However, to avoid having to send you a CD of the presentation, we have devised a way to trick your computer into thinking that you have the CD in the drive.

We saved "Mastering_QuickBooks_Enterprise_Solutions_11" as an ISO file, and we installed a program called, "Virtual Clone Drive". If you double-click on the file, "Mastering_QuickBooks_Enterprise_Solutions_11.ISO" then it will appear inside of "Computer" as a CD. Then you simply "play" the CD, and you can watch the videos just as if you had the disc in your CD drive! When you are done, just "eject" the disc. You see, Virtual Clone Drive makes the computer thinks the ISO file is a disk in the CD drive.

  1. Open up the folder: QBE11 Docs (there should be a link on your desktop)
  2. Double-Click on: Mastering_QuickBooks_Enterprise_Solutions_11.ISO
  3. Now, go to the Start Menu, and open Computer
  4. You should now see a "CD" called BDROM
  5. Double-Click on the BDROM and the tutorial program will begin.

If you want to know, an ISO is a binary image of what is on a CD. It is like a digital copy of an actual CD disk.

Microsoft Security Essentials

This is the virus software which we installed for your system. You shouldn't have to worry about configuring anything for it. Please don't attempt to install any other virus software. This is a very good security application that adds little overhead to your CPU usage - in other words, it doesn't hog up your computer's memory like many other anti-virus softwares. Check out these reviews from Gizmo's Freeware HERE and HERE.

K9 BlueCoat Protection

Every computer needs a web-filter - it keeps out the porn sites, malware sites, hacker sites, etc. Any web page that you visit may connect to any number of other web pages behind the scenes in order to communicate information. K9 BlueCoat Protection limits their abilities and saves your computer from damage, and saves your eyes from assault! It is a very nice companion to the Microsoft Security Essentials. If you want to learn more, you can visit their website.

Palo-Alto NetConnect

On your computer, we have installed the "Palo-Alto NetConnect", which is a special tool that does the job of asking you for your username and password so that our super-router knows you aren't Bubba trying to hack our system. The NetConnect is our "VPN software", that lets you connect to the DROP FOLDER on our server-computer here at Regina Coeli House so you can "drop off" your accounting files. Now, the NetConnect requires Java, so we have already installed Java for you as well! No worries!

For more information about the VPN and NetConnect, see our tech-help entry, HERE. Note that since we have already installed the NetConnect on your computer, you don't need to watch "How To Install the NetConnect Using Your WebBrowser"!


This is one of those programs that make the techies look good. With TeamViewer, as long as your computer is turned on and connected to the internet, we can initiate a session where we can log into your computer from the District Office and do maintenance work or troubleshoot some issue that might arise. You will see us moving the mouse on your screen. But we won't surprise you - we will typically talk over the telephone as we do this kind of thing, because if something does need to be worked out, we will probably need your input.


We are used to working with Windows Explorer, which is a single-paned (one window) file-browser. You would normally use it to search through your computers to locate files or folders to open and programs to launch. Well, Q-Dir is pretty similar, except it gives you the option to have four panes that you can see all at once. Moreover, each pane can have multiple tabs, so you can easily navigate all the sundry paths of your computer. Have fun!