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How To...


How to Choose a Good Password

Your password must be at least 6 characters long. If your password is not long enough, you will get a strange error message, and have to do it all over again. If you are unsure of what password to use, take a look at this list of commonly hacked passwords. The best and strongest passwords are composed of letters, both capital and lowercase as well as numbers. So if you want to use a Saint's name as your password, then mix it up a little.

Sample Passwords that are very strong, but not too hard to remember: (notice the funny capitalization!)

  1. SaintMaximuS3
  3. 5saintAgnes5
  4. godfreyOFbouillon
  5. FAtherPAstor333

Whoops! You Forgot your Password

For this, you need to contact the adminstrator and ask for a new password. There is no way to recover your old one, but you may ask for one that is similar, and perhaps you might even guess the old one anyways. At any rate, the Administrator will need to assign you a new one.

My Login Won't Work

Several things could cause this problem.

  1. You are trying to access a page to which you don't have permissions.
  2. You mistyped your username.
  3. You mistyped your password.
  4. Are you using Safari? See HERE.

Also, passwords and usernames are case-sensitive. You have to get it perfectly correct.

The Particular Chapels Panel Won't Collapse and Expand

In order for this to work correctly you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  1. In Internet Explorer, select "Tools" from the menu bar, then "Internet Options," then the "Security" tab. Now find the radio button labelled "Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control." You might have to check a few of the other radio buttons too. Or you can just use Firefox.
  2. In Firefox, go to "Tools" in the menu, then "Options." In the Options panel, select the "Content" tab. Make sure the "Enable JavaScript" box is checked.

However, we have never completely instituted this panel! So you will find that nearly all of the links do not work. Sorry!

Why Am I Not Able To Access a Particular Portal Site?

The SSPXUSA Portal is security controlled. This means that only registered SSPX priests have access to the "Priests' Site." The "Chapels" site, however is accessible by both the priests as well as coordinators and treasurers. On each site there is a bulletin board and calendar. Thus, no coordinator can access the bulletin and calendar on the "Priests' Site", but if you wish to see announcements for the coordinators, then you may visit the "Instllations" site.

I can't login to the Portal using Internet Explorer

Sometimes in Internet Explorer you have to supply the domain name along with your username.

Firefox, Chrome and other browsers won't have this issue.

The domain name for our network is rch\ (stands for Regina Coeli House). So your login name would be something like this (no spaces):

You see, your Windows computer (Bill Gates knows why) thinks it is logging into itself whenever a login box pops up (you will notice your computer's own name in the login box when it first appears). So when you add the domain name, the computer thinks to itself, "Oh. You want to login to a place other than myself... Well, okay then..."

Here is a quickie demonstration. In the demo, my computer's name is SaintVirtus.

I can't login to the Portal using Safari.

Actually, you probably CAN log in using Safari. The problem is that older versions of Safari (Mac's native browser) are not fully compatible with Sharepoint. The solution? Update your Safari to the most recent version! You should probably keep it updated anyway; updates for browsers often help the browser to fight against malicious page scripts - which helps prevent you from getting viruses.

How To Make Firefox Behave Correctly

The problem is that Micro$oft has designed their Sharepoint products to fully compatible only with other Micro$oft products, so you may very well have a few browser issues. This is why Firefox has a hard time with a few elements of our Portal (it is Microsoft's Sharepoint platform). There are a few things you can do to improve the situation, however.

  1. Use the Firefox Addon called IE Tab2. Click HERE to go to the download site. This will allow you to embed Internet Explorer inside your Firefox - you can switch engines by just pushing a button.
  2. Fix firefox multiple login problem: If you are having problems with Firefox where you have to login multiple times, try this: open your Config window (type "About:Config" into your addressbar, without the quotes) in firefox, enter this into the filter box:

    Now add this as the value:

But My Keyboard has no Backslash Key

There are some keyboards, certain French keyboards in particular, that have no key to let you send a backslash character! Well, there is a remedy for this. If you hold the ALT key and push 92 on your number pad on your keyboard, it will send the backslash key for you. There are two ALT keys, usually, one on either side of the space bar, and it doesn't matter which you use. But you DO have to use the number pad and not the regular number keys above the letter keys.