What is SSPXUSA?

That is, what is this place, and why am I here?

Weeellll, SSPXUSA is what we call a "CMS" - that is, a "Content Management System". It is a place where the priests and associates of the Society of Saint Pius X's United States District can collaborate online.

SSPXUSA, itself, consists of the following components:

Concerning Passwords

  • You need a special account (username and password) to be able to access the Portal.
  • Change your password often.
  • Keep your username and password somewhere that you will find it!
    DO NOT send your username and password in any email. The District Superior approves the issuance of every portal account. If you need to give access to some other person for any reason, please submit your request to the Portal Administrator. Every time a username is lent out or given to any other person the security of our Portal is comprimised.

    Please respect this rule. Any account suspected of having lent their username and password will be suspended and you will have to ask for a new one.

Help & Assistance

If you have trouble logging into the portal, or you have lost your password, or need some other help, please first look through the HELP PAGE; and then, if you require further assistance, you can either email the Portal Administrator, or you call 816-733-2536 and ask for Brother Gabriel-Marie.

If You Have Suggestions, Complaints or Ideas

Since the Portal is very new it is still a bit of a construction zone. We want to know your thoughts and ideas so we can improve our Portal. Please do send all of your brainstorming to the Portal Administrator.